Oilfield Chemical Supplier

As a drilling fluid company, IRO Oil Drilling Chemicals Co., Ltd is known for high-quality, high-performance additives that deliver consistent performance, cost-effectiveness, and the environmental acceptability demanded in today’s marketplace. A commitment to research and development helps ensure that our products reflect the latest advancements in drilling fluid technology.

Our custom-formulated fluid systems and additives help operators enhance drilling efficiency while decreasing costs and mitigating HSE impact. IRO drilling fluid additives include a range of options to meet various project parameters. Supplied across the globe, our additives adhere to strict environmental regulations while delivering on performance demands.

IRO Oil Drilling Chemicals Company is one of the top oilfield chemical suppliers in China. Our product range covers biocides, weighting agents, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, reducing agents, shale inhibitors, and viscosifiers.

Besides the domestic market, our products are exporting to more than 30 countries and have established long-term cooperation with those multinational enterprises including Baker Hughes, M-I Swaco, OGDCL–Pakistan, and Halliburton, etc.

As one of the best drilling fluid chemicals manufacturers in the world, IRO Oil Drilling mainly has the following annual production capacity: 3,000MT biocides, 4,000MT brines, 10,000MT viscosifiers. This drilling fluid company’s turnover achieves approximately 400million RMB in 2011 (approximately 63million USD).

While enjoying the popularity and honor of our worldwide customers, IRO Oil Drilling Chemical Company is keeping our passion in this field. With the belief that mutual benefits are the very foundation of business, we hope to achieve cooperation with you.


Polymer Drilling Fluid

All drilling fluid systems using linear water-soluble polymers as additives can be referred to as polymer drilling fluids; however, the drilling fluid systems using polymers as the main additives or mainly using polymers to control performance are generally referred to as polymer drilling fluids.

Characteristics of Polymer Drilling Fluid

(1) Low solid content and low proportion of submicron particles. This is the basic characteristic of polymer drilling fluid, which is the result of selective flocculation and inhibition of cuttings dispersion by polymer additives, and is very beneficial to improving drilling speed.

(2) It has good rheological properties, mainly showing strong shear thinning and suitable rheological types.

(3) High drilling speed. The polymer drilling fluid has the advantages of low solid content, low submicron particle content, good shear thinning property, low Casson limiting viscosity, strong ability of suspending and carrying cuttings, and good well flushing effect, all of which are beneficial to improving the penetration rate.

(4) The ability to stabilize the borehole wall is strong, and the borehole diameter is regular.

(5) The damage to oil and gas reservoirs is small, which is conducive to the discovery and protection of oil and gas reservoirs. Due to the low density of the polymer drilling fluid, the near-balanced pressure drilling can be realized. At the same time, due to the low content of solid phase, the invasion of solid phase can be reduced, thus reducing the degree of damage.

(6) It can prevent the occurrence of lost circulation.

(7) Low drilling cost.