IRO Oil Drilling Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Add:Mushi Town, Tengzhou City, Zaozhuang, Shandong, China


IRO Oil Drilling manufacturing facilities are spread over China. with adequate manufacturing and storage facilities for the wide variety of customer needs.

Manufacturing: IRO Oil Drilling has morden facility for the blending of both powdered materials and liquids polymers.

1. Powdered material: ribbon blenders both vertical and horizontal, crushers, ball mills, pulverizers and driers are available with bagging machines. The facility is capable of polymerizing and blending all types of powdered material and pulverizing them to the required mesh size and packaging them in customer specified bags.

IRO Oil Drilling has 6 manufacturing facilities for powdered drilling fluid chemicals where each of the polymerized synthetic high performance to the natural minerals are processed, tested and packed .Each such unit maintains the high standard of quality and safety at all times.

Standard packaging include: 1.0 or 1.5 mt jumbo bags, 50 kg/25kg/50 lbs HDPE and multi layer paper bags.

2. Liquid Materials: IRO Oil Drilling has installed high capacity reactors and blenders fitted with the required cooling and heating systems capable of handling both exothermic and endothermic reactions, esterification, ethoxilation, polymerization, sulfonation, distillation. Fitted with accurate dosing and measuring systems.

Customized packaging in 25 ltr/50ltr/200ltr (55gal) drums can be done with private labeling as required.

Storage: We have the adequate storage licenses and approvals for both the raw materials and finished goods. Proximity to the port and strategic location in China ensures the most competitive freight rates.