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Weighting Agent

Sodium Bromide

CAS No.: 7647-15-6                                    Molecular Formula: NaBr

EINECS: 231-599-9                                     Molecular Weight: 102.89


Sodium Bromide is a toxic, white, crystalline sodium compound, free from extraneous impurities. Sodium Bromide is thoroughly soluble in water and partially soluble in alcohol. Sodium Bromide absorbs moisture from its surroundings. Sodium Bromide has a saline and a bitter taste. Sodium Bomide melts at 758℃. Sodium Bromide resembles a lot to Sodium Chloride.


Item Technical Index
Photo Grade Medical Grade Industruial Grade
Appearance White crystal White crystal White crystal
NaBr(Main Content) ≥99.5% ≥99.0% ≥98.5%
PH 5.5-8.5 5.5-9.5 5.5-9.5
Loss on Drying ≤0.50% ≤1.00% ≤1.00%
Chloride (Cl) ≤0.30% ≤0.50% ≤1.50%
Sulphate (SO4) ≤0.01% ≤0.02% ≤0.1%
Bromate (BO3) Non-reaction Non-reaction Non-reaction
Arsenic(As) ≤ 0.2ppm ≤ 4ppm /
Lead (Pb) ≤ 0.2ppm ≤ 10ppm /
Iron (Fe) ≤ 0.5ppm / /


Sodium Bromide is employed in the preparation of photographic emulsions and further in its processing. Sodium Bromide acts as a chemical intermediate for the manufacture of various chemicals and bromides. Sodium Bromide is used for water clarification. To obtain HBr, NaBr is treated with a strong, non-volatile acid. Sodium Bromide is used for water clarification and a flame retardant. Sodium Bromide is widely used in organic synthesis as a nucleophile to convert organochlorine compounds to organobromine derivatives, which are more useful reactives.


Sodium Bromide is packed in 25kg bags

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