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Shale-Control Agent

Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate

CAS No.: 68201-32-1                  


Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is partially water soluble and water dispersible. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate acts to aid in stabilizing shale sections, controlling solids dispersion and improving wall cake characteristics. Unlike some other blending gilsonite, Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is highly sulfonated by unique process which leads to partially oil soluble as well. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate gives more excellent emulsifying characteristic. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is also highly resistant to temperature. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate stabilizes shale formation by inhibiting disintegration of the shale both chemically and physically. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate inhibits the dispersion of drilling cuttings, controls high temperature high pressure (HTHP) filtration. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate reduces torque and drag, prolongs the life of the bit, improves filter cake quality and enhances well productivity. It also acts as an emulsifier of diesel oil. In addition to providing the same unique quality as Sodium Asphalt Sulfonate, Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate contributes water-soluble potassium ions to the mud system. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is a proven extensively used drilling fluid additive having many fine properties. Oil asphalt is basal raw material. It appears brown in easily breakable pieces or fluidized powder. Its density is 0.98g/cm3. Its partly water soluble partly oil soluble for every kind of drilling fluid. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate includes two types of high water soluble: Sodium Asphalt Sulfonate FT, Calcium Asphalt Sulfonate FT-K.


Items index
high water soluble ET FT-K
Appearance powder powder
PH 8-10 8-10
Moisture ≤8.0 % ≤8.0 %
Sodium sulfonate content ≥10.0 % --
Kalium -- ≥10.0 %
water soluble content ≥90.0 % ≥90.0 %
oil soluble content ≥18.0 % ≥18.0 %
HTHP. FL reducing rate ≥40.0 % ≥40.0 %


Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate can emulsify fresh water or sea water with oil, depress the solid expansion of drill chips, and control HTHP FL. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate produces thin and tenacious mud cakes, helps maintain low shearing rate under HTHP, cleans and stabilizes well holes that have a great deal of collapsing shales.

- Stabilize shale statum
- Reduce rotative torque and prevent jamming
- Substitute of oil, including crude oil,waste engine oil and dieserl oil
- Depress the solid expansion of drill chips
- Control HTHP EL
- Produce thin and tenacious mud cakes


25Kg net each, sealed in 3-in-1 compound paper bag with plastic lining.