Methylene Bis Thiocyanate, MBT, MTC



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Methylene Bis Thiocyanate (MBT/MTC)

CAS No.:  6317-18-6

Molecular Formula:  CH2(SCN)2                          Molecular Weight: 130

Structure Formula:



MBT is a light yellow acicular crystalline chemical. MBT melting point is 100-104℃, sight soluble in other organic solvents, soluble in water at the degree of 0.4%, and stable under acid conditions.


Item index
Appearance Pale Yellow free flowing powder / Crystals
Melting Point ≥101°C
Assay ≥98%
Moisture ≤0.5%
Acetone Insolubles ≤1.0%
Inorganic Salts ≤1.0%


MBT is an efficient, broad-spectrum germicide & algaecide & displaying strong extermination effects against Germs, Fungus, and Algae existing in circulating water. MBT maintains long-term effects and is applicable to broad pH value and temperature ranges. Using 3-4ppm MBT kills over 90% of nitrosation germs, sulfate reducing germs, colon bacillus, anti-nitrosation germs and many other types of germs. MBT liquid is stable, and MBT can decompose shortly in application. MBT has analysis method and is easy for monitoring, so MBT is safe for discharge.

MBT can increase oil production by reducing oil layer contamination, preventing clay form expanding, and disinfecting. MBT can also be used to protect packing paper from going molding, treat circulating cooling water, and remove marine organisms from marine liners. MBT has excellent effects of anti-corrosion, germicide and algaecide for electrical materials, bamboo and wooden ware, coatings, rubber, canvas, glue and ink.

MBT 1% emulsion is a kind of efficient, broad-spectrum and safe agricultural germicide, having good effects against diseases of rice and wheat. Within the recommended quantity, MBT is safe to rice seed and increases germination percentage. As MBT is an organic thiocyano germicide, it can solve the problem of anti-pesticide property developed by the widely used absorbing germicides. Whenused in treating rice seed, MBT does not need presoaking or after-washing. MBT can be used directly in germination and seeding.

MBT also can be made of safe fish medicine to prevent many kinds of fish disease. MBT is a good disinfectant in the water for various breed aquatics.

1. Control of microbial activity in cooling water systems.

2. Control of slime in Pulp & Paper Manufacturing.

3. Preservation of paints, adhesives, synthetic polymer lattices and latex emulsions.

4. Anti-microbial treatment of water thinned products, thickeners and slurries.

5. Preservation of wood and wood products. 6. Preservation of Leather and Leather products.

7. Oil well brines and drilling mud.

Package and Storage:

Normally packed in 25kg/paper bag or fibre drum, also be packed as required.

Store MBT in cool, dry and ventilative places. Keep away from incompatible substance. MBT can not be stored together with food and feedstuff.

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